Whether it’s an engine clean, your DPF is blocked or you want more power from your vehicle the you have found the right place.

Remapping (tuning)

We are agents for Pendle Performance operating a MAHA MSR500 2WD dyno, the most accurate dyno you will find. We offer bespoke tuning solutions for your vehicle to get the best out of them. We won’t baffle you with nonsense such as eco, blended, stages tuning etc, we just do them right first time every time.

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Engine Detox Service

Wash the inside of your engine

Restore performance, save fuel and reduce your car’s CO emissions with the proven engine deep clean.

Keeping your vehicle on the move is expensive, so cut down your costs by improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. An internal engine clean will be the best thing you have given to your car, it’ll bring back the smile you had when it was ‘new’.

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DPF cleaning

Stop-start driving conditions reduce the engines ability to make the necessary adjustments to induce regeneration of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), causing a continual build of soot and carbon in the filter.

Left unchecked this will eventually lead to an engine fault and the vehicle will go into limp mode.

We can internally clean your engine with visible results so you can see what comes out of it, we can clean your dpf to ensure it lasts longer and helps keep your engine running perfectly without the need to remove the DPF from the vehicle.

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Save Fuel

Improve your fuel economy by up to 26% improving your carbon footprint

Lower CO Emissions

Lower CO emissions by an average of 69%, & smoke emissions by an average of 61%

Improve Performance

Increase your power (6 BHP) on average & torque (9Nm)

Money back GUARANTEE

If you don’t experience at least one of the benefits of our Engine Decontamination Treatment, or we cannot lower the levels in your DPF we will refund the cost of the treatment guaranteed.

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