T4 EGR bypass pipe

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New Allard Aluminium EGR Valve Power Pipe Kit As your original EGR system becomes blocked, dysfunctional and effects economy the Allard EGR Kit is a direct and simple replacement as a d.i.y option... Get rid of all the problems associated with faulty or leaking EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) systems. Power Pipe kits replace exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) valve assembly, for improved performance, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption and smoke emission. Eliminates tar and sediment build up inside inlet manifold, which in turn reduces air flow. Improves thermal efficiency by reducing heat build up in the inlet manifold. The Power Pipe has no internal restrictions, unlike the original EGR valve assembly. All these benefits combine to give improvements in overall fuel consumption and performance with a reduction in exhaust smoke. Fits the following engine - Volkswagen T4 Van or Transporter Series - 2.5 Tdi (5 Cylinder) Improved economy Uprated internal flow Improved response Boost connection adaptor No leaking connections DESCRIPTION: The Allard designed aluminium EGR power pipe kit for road and race use, incorporating easily understood fitting instructions, easily fitted as D.I.Y option, a quality EU product in stock. A simple effective product increasing performance and economy. Kit is complete with "O" ring and fitting instructions, EGR exhaust blanking plate, gasket and two lock nuts with washers + hose clip, designed for the Tdi and Tdi PD engines. SPECIFICATION: Total Product length 150 mm Core tube diameter - 57mm Alloy grade 5356 (high anti corrosive properties) Impressive polished finish Boost connection adaptor @ 8mm o/d Blanking plate with gasket EGR Flange Gasket Hose Clamp - 60mm 2 x Locking nuts Fitting instructions Hose clip Easily fitted as D.I.Y option Please note : The standard EGR unit and inlet manifold are not included in this sale, they are for viewing purposes only. Allard products are always tested before public purchase. Allard are a well established British company, who supply many different professional products for automotive industries. Allard strive to supply high quality products at competitive prices. Allard offer continued service to thier customers.