DPF Cleaning

DPF cleaning

DPF Cleaning service

Modern engine design, coupled with a drive to reduce harmful emissions, has led to a significant increase in contamination related issues such as

Blocked DPF’s, Fouled Fuel Injectors, MOT emission failures.

Here at TH Performance we have investested in a state of the art Tec4 DPF cleaning machine which allows you to fix these issues with minimal fuss and promote a preventative maintenance solution. Problems encountered on modern diesel engines are a blocked DPF, sticking Inlet Valves and inlet Manifold's blocking up. Cleaning the carbon from an engine every once in a while is a good idea. The vehicle owner benefits from increased performance, improved fuel economy and the reduced likelihood of a breakdown plus the environment benefits, because of a reduction in harmful emissions.

“Prevention is always better than cure!” Here at TH Performance we offer the following services:

Option 1. DPF clean - £99

Option 2. DPF clean with before and after dyno print outs - £149*

Option 3. DPF clean with oil and filter change plus before and after dyno print outs - £249*

These are vital to modern day engines and we recommend having this service carried out annually, this is about preventing your DPF's from blocking which is an expensive filter to replace.


The DPF is a filter, DPF cleaning will not stop your DPF filling up again, it will at some point. Your DPF may well need cleaning again in the future and this depends on numerous factors such as fuel used and journey types to name but a few, it’s not a cure all and it will not stop your DPF filling up again, our service is a preventive service, it’s designed to work when problems start, not when it’s so full it needs a new DPF fitted.

*2wd vehicles only - not all vehicles can go on the dyno please check with us first.